Goat Gearbox


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The goat gearbox or testicles, has long known to be one of the best aphrodisiacs for man. It was believed that the goat gearbox has a greater percentage of protein and testosterone that is great to turn you on and maintain it.

Nutritional Facts of Goat Testicles per 100 gm serving size
Calories --135 kcal
Protein ---26 g
Cholesterol--375 mg
Fat -- 3 g
Sodium ---171 mg
Potassium -- 380 mg
Iron --6%
Phosphorous ---26%
Magnesium --3%
Zinc ---13%
Magnesium is great to help lower and regulate blood pressure and convert blood sugar to energy. So it is great for high blood pressure and diabetes patient.
Potassium is very critical to your nerve and blood circulation system. Besides, it helps also to your muscle growth.
Zinc plays a very vital role in your health and your immune system stability. Besides, it acts as antioxidants to fight the free radicals. So, in the proper amount, zinc will help to make you look forever young.

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