Goat Ribs


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Goat Ribs

If you want to give your palate a sizzle, this a good value product that we've grown to love so much. Not the meatiest cut, but great for flavour – tasty on the BBQ. 

The meat in goat ribs is close to the bone, which makes them very flavorful. Goat ribs are perfect for braising and grilling. As they are mainly bone, they usually take a longer time to cook than most goat cuts.

Goat ribs are prepared from the breast and flap. They consist of several muscles with a portion of the rib bones that can be trimmed if required. With layers of fat and lean meat, they’re a versatile cut suitable for both fast and slow cooking methods.

An alternative set of ribs found on the forequarter are prepared from the square cut shoulder. Known as riblets, this cut contains a generous amount of meat and are suitable for grilling and roasting.

For an impressive main course, look no further than this rack of lamb rib roast. With beautifully frenched bones that make cutting and serving a breeze, the rib roast is a true crowd pleaser. Simply roast in the oven meat side up with herbs or pop on the grill.

Goat Ribs